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“Recently recovered from major cardiothoracic surgery, I was bedridden from the inability to breathe normally. I decided that I wanted my body to heal in the best way and in the hands of someone professional. After the surgery, I was scared and broken. I had this huge swollen scar on my neck and feared that although I could breathe, I may never be the same person. David pushed me and sees my capabilities and potential, and he never once pitied me. David’s training has not only transformed my body but has made me the woman I never even imagined becoming. David is patient, determined, highly knowledgeable in his profession, and most of all he impresses me. Everything about David is real and he won’t sugarcoat things to make you feel better.  David is my first personal trainer, and all I can say is he has changed my life completely. David has built my confidence and self-love from the inside out and without him by my side, I would never have had the opportunity to be the happiest and most healthy version of me".


— Savannah G.


the sozo life

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