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movement philosophy

Our goal is to eliminate the barriers to movement.  Age, time, mindset, and resources have all been used as reasons for not seeing success, but with Sozo Training, we partner with you to achieve your goals.

We cut through all the fitness trends, and prioritize the balance of strength and mobility to re-pattern body mechanics to look and feel your best. 

Mastering movement in all planes of motion and from sitting to standing, you will create mind-muscle connections that translate to everyday life. 

Your program and coaching are personalized to your unique goals and needs to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your program.


From home to the gym, you can train anywhere!

nutrition  philosophy

We don't DIEt. We LIVE.


With a food-as-medicine approach, we prioritize nourishing our body with the cleanest and purest form of real food as God intended.


This anti-diet is based on the fundamentals of human physiology of how our bodies use food. Our goal is to consume nutrient-dense whole foods and mineral-rich drinks to support the metabolism, prevent nutrient deficiencies, and promote healthy hormone function. Some of the exciting benefits you can expect will be better digestive health, a healthy relationship with food, enhanced cognitive function, and prevention of chronic diseases.


We understand there is an overwhelming amount of information that exists in the diet and health sphere, often contradicting each other, so it’s imperative to identify key factors to determine if what you’re doing is working for you. There is always individuality in your nutrition, so we will cover some ways to self-assess to ensure you're living in God's best. 


explore our services and take the next step in experiencing the limitless life. 

In-Home Personal Training

  • No equipment is necessary, as I will travel with everything needed for you to achieve your goals

  • Personalized training programs that encompass all your strength, mobility, and cardio needs

Gym Personal Training

Zoom Personal Training

  • Scheduled sessions to receive live feedback and coaching on Zoom

  • Personalized training programs for your unique goals, needs, and equipment access


  • 30-60-minute call upon completing the assessment, tracking sheet, and food diary

Online Fitness Coaching 

  • Personalized training programs sent via QuickCoach app upon your assessment on Zoom or in person if applicable

  • Weekly progress calls up to 60-minutes

  • Unlimited text and email access with your coach

Nutrition Coaching

This is a monthly service that does NOT auto-renew. Your first month is the most critical to establishing new habits in a systematic approach that will not overwhelm you. This month of coaching includes:

  • Schedule and lifestyle audit to address focus areas

  • Establish sustainable and practical eating habits that address your metabolism, thyroid, and hormone health so your body is working optimally

  • Tracking food, body temps, and pulses will be required initially but long-term is optional

  • Nutrition guide and resources are emailed to you

  • Weekly progress calls up to 60-minutes

  • Unlimited text and email access with your coach

in-person training

zoom personal training

online fitness coaching

nutrition & lifestyle coaching


zoom classes

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