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a nutrition guide for abundant health

sozo mama

You, child of God, are called to be set apart and demonstrate the power of God. Whether in your relationships, health, or finances, God has blessed you to be fruitful. By learning to be a good steward and how to honor God with your body, you will experience His glory and the exceeding greatness of His power and love.


We desire you to walk in God's authority and allow Jesus to occupy every part of your life. To offer your body a living sacrifice, have Christ live through you, and fulfill what God has called you to do. You are joined with God in your spirit, but He wants your complete surrender. He wants to fill your soul and effect change in your body. To walk in divine health and be freed from sickness and disease. God is trying to occupy every part of your life because that's where the unsearchable riches of Christ are experienced. As you surrender, He can occupy your thoughts, emotions, and you will see the physical changes in your body.


Your body is an incredible gift. We show our love for God by taking responsibility for and protecting the gift He's given us. Caring for your body is a humbling, daily endeavor of respecting yourself and an expression of gratitude for God's wonderful and perfect work. When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself as God sees you, or has the enemy's lies infiltrated your imagination? Have you been taking your body for granted? Are you comfortable with fatigue, sickness, aches and pains, and stress?


Being a good steward of your body includes training your physical and mental strength and practicing sound nutrition to accomplish God's plans. Once you understand how powerful caring for your body can be and what it makes you capable of, you become the temple God has called you to be. He's fashioned you, created you, and now you're equipped to glorify Him in your body. 


If you dedicate your body, then the glory of God will occupy that place, and you'll experience God in your spirit, soul, and in your body. We're excited to share this resource, as it is designed to cut through nutrition dogmas and offer a lifestyle that aligns your body and mind with the will of God. 

We created Sozo Mama to educate women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or have already welcomed their blessing into the world.


During my pregnancy, I spent countless hours researching and driving myself insane trying to nourish my body and find all the "stuff" we think we need to buy to be a good mom.


Our mission is to save you time and energy so you can stay focused on enjoying this amazing season of your life. Cutting through all the marketing ploys and fear-mongering, we have endeavored to provide the essential information you need to understand why these suggestions are important and how they impact you and your family without overwhelming you. You will learn how to properly nourish yourself and your baby, how to create a non-toxic environment, and the products and services that are worth every penny for your child’s development.


Our standards for brand recommendations are based on the company’s organic and non-toxic certifications, as well as their views on political and cultural issues. We have personally used all of our recommendations and stand by their quality and moral standards. If you find something troubling about a company we have listed, please contact so we can take a further look.


We’re excited to be on this journey with you and are happy to speak with you if you desire individual attention. Please email David if you would like to schedule a 1-hour consultation. 

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