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nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Our nutrition coaching focuses on repairing your metabolism, thyroid, and hormonal health to optimize your muscle-building and fat-burning capabilities. Addressing the root issue to help you not only look your best but feel it too. 


Along with our food-is-medicine approach, you will receive all resources, and the expertise, motivation, and accountability of a coach alongside you every step of the way.

Your first month is the most critical to establishing new habits in a systematic approach that will not overwhelm you. You can look forward to having more energy, clear skin, a thriving metabolism, and peace of mind in more than just your meal choices. 

We will also explore holistic and non-toxic strategies to create a home and work environment for success.

This is a monthly service that does NOT auto-renew. This month of coaching includes:

  • Schedule and lifestyle audit to address focus areas

  • Establish sustainable and practical eating habits that address your metabolism, thyroid, and hormone health so your body is working optimally

  • Tracking food, body temps, and pulses will be required initially but long-term is optional

  • Nutrition guide and resources are emailed to you

  • Weekly progress calls up to 1-hour

  • Unlimited text and email access with your coach

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