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achieve the abundant life God promises through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching

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Hi, I'm David Puglisi, and my wife, Alexandra, and I have been using our fitness and nutrition expertise to affect physical and spiritual changes for our clients. Our goal is to equip every person with the knowledge and understanding needed to achieve the abundant life and wholeness God promises. We specialize in in-home and online personal training and nutrition coaching.

When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we received a new understanding of our identity and began taking authority over our bodies and treating it like the temple of the Holy Spirit that God says it is. The greatest gift God has given us is the understanding of His love and our purpose while on Earth. We have demonstrated our love for God and poured that onto those around us by coaching and modeling our commitment to health and wellness.

We're here to help you complete the mission the Lord has for you through our private coaching and growing online community. We will educate, support, and encourage you as you learn practical and sustainable fitness and nutrition strategies, overcome mental barriers, and renew your minds to truly transform. Whether you desire to be physically stronger, improve your eating habits, increase your energy and productivity, or create a home environment that is organic and non-toxic, you will finally take dominion the way God intended.


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